What Megan wears: flip-flops

Reef Bonita Flip Flops Photograph

Reef Bonita Flip Flops Profile Photo

Reef Bonita Flip Flops: buy here

Megan Fox and Havaianas Brazil Flip Flop Photograph

Havaianas Brazil Flip Flop: buy here and here for red ones

Old Navy Womens Classic Flip-Flops: buy here

buy metallic green or deep green

Havaianas Women's Top Flip Flop,Forest Green: buy here

Havaianas 'Slim' Flip Flop grey: buy here

Havaianas Women's Top Flip Flop,Citrus Orange: buy here

Havaianas Top, Lavander: buy here

Havaianas Top, Apricot: buy here

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socale said...

Megan also wears my favorite body suit from american apparel!!! check it out in this article i made.

Anonymous said...

I desperately want to be reincarnated as Megan Fox's flip flops!

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